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  • 2018 New Zealand History and Culture Course Underway


    19/09/2018   The New Zealand Centre welcomes visiting lecturers from Massey University for the 11th year of the New Zealand History and Culture course at Peking University.


    The 2018 New Zealand History and Culture course is well underway this semester, and the Centre is delighted to welcome lecturers from Massey University to teach the course to the excited group of undergraduate students at Peking University.


    On 19 September, Head of School of Humanities of Massey University, Associate Professor Kerry Taylor opened the course with his first introduction lecture on New Zealand. During this semester, the students will enjoy lecture series from Dr. Peter Meihana, Professor Peter Lineham and Dr. Gillian Skyrme, Professor Michael Roche and Dr. Jack Ross delivering lectures relating to their areas of expertise.


    Professor Peter Lineham delivering a lecture to the students


    The course aims to increase students’ knowledge of New Zealand history and culture through diverse and engaging topics such as Maori Migration and Settlement, New Zealand Literature and New Zealand Society and Religion. Students of the course are also presented with the opportunity to think critically, express their own opinions on topics relating to New Zealand, and to use English in an academic setting.


    The New Zealand Centre and the Peking University students are very pleased to have the lecturers from Massey University, many of whom have returned for their second year, and are eager to make the most of their contributions to the course!



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