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  • Internship Experiences at the Centre Helped Miss Gaby


    07/3/2018 – A letter from Miss Matilda Gaby explains how her experiences of internship at the New Zealand Centre helped her grow as an individual.

    I, Matilda Gaby, had the privilege of being a liaison officer at the New Zealand China Centre from 2017-2018. I was also studying Chinese Language at Peking University on the Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia and NZ-China Scholarship.

    My work as a liaison officer and experience at Peking University gave me a unique skill set to communicate clearly and confidently. Hosting visiting fellows and helping teaching the New Zealand History and Culture undergraduate course meant that I developed strong interpersonal skills with people from diverse backgrounds.

    Furthermore, working as a liaison officer gave me skills in working both individually and collaboratively.  I was required to work individually during my office hours and when I hosted visiting fellows. During teaching hours and when holding events, such as the 10th anniversary celebration, I loved working with my colleagues from both China and New Zealand.


    Group Photo at the Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of New Zealand Centre at PKU, May 2017

    Matilda GabySecond from the right in the first line

    Overall, my experience as a liaison officer helped me to develop professional skills and grow as an individual. The communication, cross-cultural and interpersonal skills I developed have enabled me to receive my dream job. In April, I am starting my role as a Support Officer at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. I am passionate about making a tangible difference and working with Immigration NZ will enable me to do so. My role as a Support Officer has a promising future as I will work with immigrants, and I hope to eventually work more directly with refugees. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work at the New Zealand Centre. I am grateful to the Centre faulty who offered me guidance and basic training for my position. I owe a great deal to Associate Professor Liu Hongzhong who kindly acted as my referee for many of my job applications.

    7  March 2018

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