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  • New Zealand China Council Send 10th Anniversary Congratulations to the NZC

    25/10/2017¯Executive Director Stephen Jacobi sends congratulations on behalf of the New Zealand China Council for the 10th anniversary of the New Zealand Centre at Peking University. The Council acknowledged the work of the Centre and wished all involved another 10 years of success.

    The New Zealand China Council has sent its congratulations to the New Zealand Centre for the occassion of the Centre's 10th anniversary. The Council, which is based in Auckland, gathers individuals who are pivotal to the New Zealand-China relationship and seeks to enhance the relationship for the betterment of both sides. Among its many duties, the Council is responsible for catalysing longer term thinking about the New Zealand-China relationship, informing New Zealanders about opportunities in the relationship, articulating why a deeper and stronger relationship is in New Zealand's interests, as well as engaging with China in ways which support the relationship into the future. Executive Director Stephen Jacobi penned the following letter on behalf of the Council, sending their congratulations for the wide-ranging success of the New Zealand Centre at Peking University:

    For more information on the New Zealand China Council and their work click here (link to the official website).


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