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  • Finding The New Zealand Centre

    If you are visiting the New Zealand Centre for the first time, we recommend you plan your trip to first arrive at the East Gate of Peking University (北京大学东门). This is convenient for arriving by car or subway (the Peking University East Gate Subway Station is located just outside of this gate). It is generally agreed that walking from the East Gate to the Wei Li building (伟利楼) in the Chen Shou Ren International Garden (陈守仁国际中心) is the simplest and easiest route to use. If you become disorientated, please do not hesitate to ask students for directions - they may not know the exact location of the Centre, but they will know the location of Weiming Lake (未名湖) which is convenient as the Centre is located on the South bank of this landmark. Usually students' English is sufficient to provide at least some assistance. We also suggest that you contact our liaison officers (contact details here) to arrange a meeting - the liaison will be able to meet you at the East Gate and guide you to the centre with sufficient prior notice. If you are arriving by way of a diplomatic vehicle please alert the liaison officers before arriving so that the vehicle details can be supplied to the relevant authorities.