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  • Fresh Titles Added to the New Zealand Centre Library

    29/11/2016 - The University of Auckland and Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University have generously donated books to the New Zealand Centre at Peking University, providing New Zealand Studies Undergraduate Course students with a set of valuable and unique materials.

    The New Zealand Centre at Peking University was very grateful to receive a generous amount of books from partners in New Zealand: one box from the University of Auckland and the other box of books from Professor Paul Spoonley of Massey University. The donations have significantly refreshed the Centre library, providing students with a unique and special resource for their studies - especially students in the New Zealand Studies Undergraduate Course, which is taught in collaboration between the Centre and Peking University's School of Foreign Languages.

    The University of Auckland donation includes a beautiful hardcover book of an illustrated history of the Tangata Whenua (People of the Land) and journals about Maori Weaving, Maori Carving, and protocols on the Marae (traditional meeting house).

    A sample of books donated by the University of Auckland.

    Following Professor Paul Spoonley’s visit to the New Zealand and his successful lecture in the Department of Sociology in September, Paul Spoonley kindly donated seven books to the New Zealand Centre at Peking University. These books cover a wide range of different subject areas from sociology to government. Among the box of books is “Exploring Society: Society for New Zealand Students”,of which Paul Spoonley is the co-author.

    Books provided by Professor Spoonley included some of his own work.

    The New Zealand Centre at Peking University is very grateful for these kinds of contributions to the Centre library which is the main source of book references for all of the students who take the New Zealand History and Culture course offered by the Centre on an annual basis. The students are sure to benefit from books of these kinds immensely.

    If you are interested in donating books or materials to the New Zealand Centre please get in touch with our liaison officers to discuss your proposal. Books on New Zealand history and culture can form a significant contribution to the advancement of academic exchange between China and New Zealand - by inspiring our youngest and brightest at Peking University.

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