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  • Professor Ali Mirjalili Visits Peking University

    10/08/2015 – New Zealand Centre Visiting Fellow, Professor Ali Mirjalili of The University of Auckland visits Beijing

    In the month of August the New Zealand Centre hosted Dr Ali Mirjalili as a 2015 Visiting Fellowship recipient. Dr Mirjalili is of the Anatomy Department, Faculty of Medical Health and Sciences at The University of Auckland. During his visit to Beijing Dr Mirjalili visited two Universities, Peking University and The Third Military Medical University and was successful in his publication endeavours.

    At Peking University Dr Mirjalili was hosted by Professor Chao Ma, Department of Anatomy, School of Medicine at Peking University. Dr Mirjalili regularly visited the Dr Qiguo Rong laboratory and the Department of Biomechanics where he held lectures for postgraduate students regarding the anatomy and the biomechanics of the foot. In collaboration with Professor Chao Ma, Dr Mirjalili completed the first phase of their research project titled “Visiting Surface Anatomy of Chinese”.

    He hopes to later publish a paper regarding this project. The paper was submitted and went on to be accepted, for more details please click here.

    Dr Mirjalili’s visit to The Third Military Medical University was in collaboration with The Institute of Digital Medicine. Together with Proffessor Shao-Xiang Zhang, Dr Mirjalili embarked on making the first Chinese FE element of the foot, using Chinese E12 slices (human visible body). He hopes to later publish a paper regarding this project.

    In addition to his visits to the above universities, Dr Mirjalili also visited Chinese medical publishers in Beijing. He has now attained a contract to a book in both English and Chinese with People’s Medical Publishing House Co., Ltd (PMPH) titled “Anatomy for the GSSE exam”.


    The New Zealand Centre welcomes future Visiting Fellows from Health Science and Medical disciplines - if you are a member of the academic staff from one of New Zealand's eight national universities, please do not hesitate to contact our liaison officers for more information on the visiting fellows programme.

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