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  • His Excellency John McKinnon, New Zealand Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, Delivers Lecture at Peking University

    12/12/2015 – New Zealand Ambassador to China visits Peking University to host a lecture for the New Zealand History and Culture Course

    On the 9th of December 2015, the New Zealand Centre had the privilege of hosting New Zealand Ambassador to China Mr John McKinnon in delivering a lecture for the New Zealand History and Culture undergraduate course at Peking University. This course is run by the New Zealand Centre in the second semester of each academic year and hosted by lecturers invited by the New Zealand Advisory Board. The course provides students with a deep historical insight into New Zealand’s culture and influences, whilst also aiming to increase students’ knowledge of New Zealand in a global context.

    In his lecture Mr McKinnon focussed on ‘3 Circumstances, 3 Changes and 3 Components’ in which he discussed New Zealand in regards to its geographical location, historical links with Brittan, Re-colonisation and New Zealand’s position on a global scale. The Ambassador expanded on New Zealand’s geographical location and the impact this has had on engaging with other countries; historical events that have influenced the shaping of an identity for New Zealand; and the importance of engaging with China market.

    The Ambassador concluded his lecture by reaffirming the importance for New Zealand to engage, sustain and maintain development. A question and answer session was also held where students took the opportunity to ask about a variety of aspects such as, the quality of New Zealand’s education on a global scale, tourism in New Zealand in relation to economic interests, and New Zealand’s engagement with foreign policy. Mr Stijn te Strake, Marketing and Strategic Relations Manager at Education New Zealand also accompanied the ambassador and assisted with student enquires about education in New Zealand.

    Ambassador McKinnon delivering a guest lecture for the New Zealand Studies class.

    The Ambassador assembled with students from the 2015 New Zealand Studies class.

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