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  • Dr Liyin Liang on Agricultural Production in New Zealand

    24/03/2017 - The New Zealand Centre of Peking University hosted Dr Liyin Liang who is a NZC Visiting Research Fellow from the School of Science at the University of Waikato. His lecture was well attended and Peking University students gained valuable knowledge about greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable agriculture in New Zealand.

    The New Zealand Centre hosted Dr Liyin Liang from 18 to 24 March. Dr Liyin Liang capitalized on the opportunity to be a visiting fellow by actively partaking in academic activities with his host Professor Shilong Piao and Associate Professor Shushi Peng from Peking University’s College of Urban and Environmental Sciences and by interacting with Peking University students. He delivered one lecture titled “Greenhouse house gas emissions and sustainable agriculture in New Zealand” on Friday 24th March 2017.

    Dr Liyin Liang received his PhD from Sun Yat-Sen University. Upon the completion of his PhD, he worked at University of California-Riverside and University of Nebraska-Lincoln in US for 4 years before he joined the University of Waikato. His research interests are mainly focused on elucidating feedbacks between the biosphere and the atmosphere, evaluating how those feedbacks amplify or mute primary responses of the earth system to different climate regimes, and mitigating the greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural ecosystem.

    Dr Liang delivering his guest lecture to students and faculty at Peking University.

    In the lecture he delivered on 24 March, the contribution agricultural production in New Zealand has at a global level was discussed. Agricultural production contributes substantially to global productivity and will likely increase with the growing global population. Agricultural development is associated with unexpectedly large fluxes of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrous oxide (N2O)- both powerful greenhouse gases, thus implying there can be adverse effects on our environment. Dr Liyin Liang gave insights into how the application of proper agricultural management practices can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Identifying and improving management practice to minimize the greenhouse gas emissions will benefit sustainable agriculture in New Zealand. The talk was concluded with a brief introduction of Dr. Liyin Liang’s research in monitoring the CO2 and N2O fluxes in the grazed pasture system in New Zealand.

    Dr Liyin Liang prepared his lecture as part of a Visiting Fellowship with the New Zealand Centre. If you are a member of the academic staff from any of our eight partner institutions and you are interested in attending a fellowship at Peking University, get in touch with our liaison officers to learn more about the application process. Visiting fellowships for New Zealand academics are held year-round at Peking University, across a broad range of departments, forming a significant contribution to the advancement of academic exchange between China and New Zealand.

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