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  • The 10th Peking University Culture Festival


    2013/10/19 - Peking University Yanyuan Campus

    Peking University celebrated the 10th anniversary of its International Culture Festival with a fun and vibrant schedule of performances, singing contests, and cultural exchange over the course of the weekend beginning September 19th. The New Zealand Centre was pleased to lend support to New Zealand students attending studies at Peking University who were involved with the festival, primarily setting up and manning the 'New Zealand Booth' which lured spectators with squares of New Zealand cheese and chocolate (made possible by a generous donation from Peking University). Interest in New Zealand's universities was particularly strong, demonstrated by the high demand for brochures and leaflets provided by The New Zealand Centre partner institutions including The University of Auckland, The University of Otago, and Victoria University.

    The New Zealand Booth reached a global audience of Chinese students attending Peking University, international students and academics from around the world, and visitors from across Beijing who had journey to the Yanyuan Campus to partake in the events. Organizers from other countries also managed to find time to leave their own country's booth in order to see New Zealand's unique display of food, culture, and natural wonders. The New Zealand embassy kindly donated leaflets, 'New Zealand Educated' scarves, and flags as gifts for the attendees - Pyro Pizza, a New Zealand owned pizza restaurant in the Haidian District of Beijing (associated with Gungho Pizzas), also kindly donated hot pizzas of varying New Zealand 'classic' flavours at midday.

    Participants at the festival were given a small 'passport', which, after receiving a stamp from the booths of each country, could be exchanged for a gift from the university. In return for stamps participants needed to engage with booth attendants and answer questions on the relevants country's history and culture. For New Zealand, participants needed to know how many sheep there are to every person, which country lies to the West of New Zealand, and learn recall 'Hello' in Te Reo Maori ('Kia Ora!'). Peking University hosted a fun, inspiring event which encouraged better understanding and friendship between China and the countries of the world.

    If you represent a New Zealand business or non-governmental organization in the Beijing area and are interested in being involved in the next New Zealand booth at the annual Peking University International Culture Festival, please don't hesitate to contact The New Zealand Centre liaison officers who can forward your details to the organizers of the next event. Your interest and support are welcome, helping to raise the profile of New Zealand at a special and meaningful event hosted at one of China's most prestigious academic institutions.

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