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  • The New Zealand Centre at Beijing Normal University

    23/06/2015 – New Zealand Centre provides two day lecture series at Beijing Normal University

    The School of Continuing Education and Teacher Training (SCETT) of Beijing Normal University in cooperation with the China Scholarship Council have provided a programme for 37 scholars, associates and professors from Central China for a three-month study programme at Massey University in New Zealand.

    On 23 and 24 June Professor Paul Clark, Professor Liu Hongzhong, and Intern Liaison Tammy Groves paid a visit to the school, providing a two day lecture series for the 37 Chinese scholars (mostly all currently studying agriculture).

    Professor Paul Clark hosted a lecture on New Zealand History and Culture, with a focus on immigration of Maori, Europeans and Chinese; New Zealand’s initial and continued trade with China; and the progression and importance of dairy for New Zealand’s economy.

    Intern liaison Tammy Groves also provided a presentation on Maori culture in New Zealand, with a focus on Kapa Haka and the importance of language retention for Maori.

    The lecture series provided an opportunity for the Chinese teachers to learn about New Zealand way of life, culture, values, and influences. The Chinese teachers will travel to New Zealand in July to continue learning about Education, Pedagogy and Agriculture through a three-month programme hosted by Massey University, Palmerston North. We wish all 37 scholars the best with their visit to New Zealand.

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