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  • Visiting Fellow Professor Stephen Marsland Delivers Lectures at Peking University

    18/04/2016 – The New Zealand Centre hosted Professor Stephen Marsland of Massey University, Wellington, as a 2016 Visiting Fellowship Recipient from 27 March to April 8 - during which he delivered insightful lectures for Peking University faculty and students.

    The New Zealand Centre hosted Professor Stephen Marsland as a 2016 Visiting Fellowship Recipient from 27 March to April 8. Dr Marsland is professor of scientific computing in the Computer Science Cluster of the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

    Professor Stephen Marsland.

    At Peking University Professor Marsland was hosted by Associate Professor Dong Bin of the Beijing International Centre for Mathematical Research (BICMR).

    On April 6th, Professor Marsland delivered a welcome lecture titled “The Geometry of Shape” at Peking University. The lecture touched upon the mathematical analysis of shape, and how shape change has applications in many fields, most notably medicine and biology, but also engineering design.

    In this talk Professor Marsland gave a picture of the field from the point of view of geometry, highlighting the link between the mathematics (the diffeomorphism group and infinite dimensional Riemannian geometry), the challenges with studying shape, and some of the applications, as well as some of the history of the area.

    During his visit to Peking University, Professor Marsland also provided a very informative talk about wavelets for birdsong denoising earlier. As their research field and interest are almost identical, Professor Marsland and Professor Dong also discussed how to work together in the future, including the arrangement for Professor Dong to visit Massy University.

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