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  • NZCFS President David Bromwich Visits The New Zealand Centre at Peking University, Discusses Youth Initiative with Kiwi Youth Leaders

    David Bromwich gives a talk on Rewi Alley's legacy to Youth Leaders

    The assembled leaders decided to find ways to establish a networking group.


    28/03/2014 - New Zealand China Friendship Society President David Bromwich Visits the New Zealand Centre at Peking University

    New Zealand China Friendship Society (NZCFS) President David Bromwich enjoyed a brief tour of the New Zealand Centre at Peking University before meeting with a group of Kiwi youth leaders to discuss recent developments involving the NZCFS youth initiative. Bromwich took time out of a busy schedule of engagements with several high profile institutions and societies including Beijing Youxie and the Beijing Bailie Technical University to attend the meeting, which was deeply appreciated by all participants. Amongst them were visiting Confucius Institute scholarship recipients, China Government Scholarship recipients, a James Bertram Scholar, and young entrepreneurs recently settled in Beijing undertaking various endeavors in the fields of journalism and marketing, all keen to learn more about the work of NZCFS and its associates.

    Bromwich has been deeply involved in the setting up of several funds for New Zealand youth to undertake projects of their own design in China (for a list of recent projects, click here) aimed at encouraging meaningful engagement between New Zealand and Chinese youth, and so the meeting was arranged to assist in raising the profile of the initiative, and allowing both sides to gain deeper insight into the possibilities which exist for deeper engagement with China. Giving a brief talk to assembled guests before dinner provided courtesy of the New Zealand Centre, Bromwich described the legacy of NZCFS founder Rewi Alley in China, and encouraged the assembled guests to consider ways in which a new generation of New Zealanders living and learning in China can help to preserve Alley's legacy.

    The dinner was a good example of how the New Zealand Centre can serve to facilitate networking between relevant organizations and New Zealanders living in China. This forms part of a wider effort at the Centre to rejuvenate the 'Friends of the New Zealand Centre Initiative' (FNZCI) which shows signs of not only returning as a more effective platform for communication, but also as benefitting tremendously from advances in social media which can assist in effective networking between stakeholders and interested parties. In this sense, the Centre is working towards broadening its links with charities as well as business circles, with a view to finding new ways to introduce New Zealand youth to China through initiatives akin to the new and exciting NZCFS youth initiative.

    The aims of NZCFS are to promote friendship, understanding and goodwill between the peoples of China and New Zealand by encouraging visits and exchanges of ideas, information, culture and trade between the two countries, to foster interest in and promote the study of China, its history, culture, political and social structures, to support specific aid projects in China, to promote the study of the Chinese language by New Zealanders and advanced English studies in New Zealand by Chinese, to foster on-going development of all sister-city links between New Zealand and China, and to assist both visiting students and new migrants from China requiring help to fit in to New Zealand society.

    You can learn more about the work of New Zealand China Friendship Society by way of their official website.

    Attendees included (pictured from left to right in the above photograph) Christiana Zhu of Wild China Group, Jessica Rowe of CCTV, Clinton Watson, James Bertam Scholar at Peking University, Ashton Jones of Beijing Language and Culture University, Mea Mackay of Wigram Finance Dunedin, Sophie Mazzone-Olissoff of Tsinghua University, NZCFS President David Bromwich, Charles Rowe, liaison for the New Zealand Centre, Simone van Nieuwenhuizen of Peking University, and Marissa Toomata, also of Peking University.

    Would you like to make contact with Kiwi youth leaders in Beijing? Contact our liaison officers for help in establishing contact with them (contact details for our liaison officers are here). If you are a New Zealand intern, student, or young person living in Beijing, we strongly encourage you to make contact with the Centre so that we can inform you of up-and-coming events involving our partner institutions and beyond.

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