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  • Open Lectures at Peking University by New Zealand Centre Visiting Fellow Professor Susan Krumdieck of Canterbury University

    Dr Susan Krumdieck, NZC V.F. 2014.

    01/12/2014 - OPEN LECTURE: "Distributed Generation Technology for Geothermal Power" by Professor Susan Krumdieck of Canterbury University

    This seminar will cover the basics of distributed generation, geothermal resources, ORC technology, and the project of developing an industry for developing and deploying low temperature geothermal power systems. Our research group is focusing on building expertise and teaching in the thermal systems engineering fundamentals: thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics and energy systems. The Canterbury Geothermal Energy Research Group is studying turbo-machinery and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) power generation technology.

    02/12/2014 - OPEN LECTURE: "Transition Engineering" by Professor Susan Krumdieck of Canterbury University

    This seminar provides an introduction to the emerging field of Transition Engineering. Transition Engineering is like Safety Engineering in that all professional engineers must take the social responsibility for long-term health and well-being into account in their work. Transition Engineering focuses on the problem definition: reduce fossil fuel use to meet agreed IPCC targets of 80% reduction as soon as possible. TE projects change existing operations, supply chains, materials, systems and products so that they work 0-20% of current fossil fuel use.

    If you are interested in attending any of the above lectures, please contact our liaison officers for more information including lecture venue and means of access (photo ID required for all non-university attendees).

    About the Lecturer:

    Professor Krumdieck studied Mechanical Engineering at UC Boulder, USA, then worked on wind turbine control systems and solar system testing and certification. She earned a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1989 at Arizona State University in Energy Systems Engineering. After working as an energy management consultant she was a researcher for NREL characterizing the combustion of biomass derived oil. She has built a research programme that breaks new ground in Energy Engineering for transition to reduce the risks of un-sustainable energy inefficiency, resource use, and environmental impact. One of her innovative research areas is combining the Energy Engineering analysis ideas with Transportation Engineering. Susan’s energy research focuses on engineering change projects aimed at continuity of human activities and wellbeing within the constraints of environment and resource availability. The work aims to develop sustainability metrics, engineering fundamentals for low-fossil energy systems, and bridging technologies and control systems to accelerate the transition to manage un-sustainable processes. This is a truly innovative approach with new ideas receiving acclaim at international meetings and conferences. She has published 116 peer reviewed papers, has three patents, and has been an invited keynote speaker at more than 114 workshops, conferences and seminars in the past seven years. She has achieved over $5.5 million in research funding and supervised 15 PhD projects.

    Dr Susan Krumdieck prepared her lecture as part of a Visiting Fellowship with the New Zealand Centre. If you are a member of the academic staff from any of our eight partner institutions and you are interested in attending a fellowship at Peking University, get in touch with our liaison officers to learn more about the application process. Visiting fellowships for New Zealand academics are held year-round at Peking University, across a broad range of departments, forming a significant contribution to the advancement of academic exchange between China and New Zealand.

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